Tuesday 10 May 2011

A year of hell - the coalition at One.

Can it really be one year since Cameron and Clegg joked in the grounds of number 10, and looked as if they were old chums from the same public boys school? Yes, it has been 12 months of greed and cuts and compromise. They even managed to throw in support for a new war.

They have attacked our welfare state, thrown hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs on the scrapheap, and allowed the banks and corporations to do whatever they please. We have a government ruling for the benefit of a minority.

It nearly unravelled today when they floated the idea of 'buying places at university for the very rich'. Though they quickly had to back track, it illuminates the Tory mindset; 'how can the rich benefit the most?'

The speed of the U-turn also illustrates that they are weaker than they think they are. We can stop them. We must stop them, and perhaps, if we can direct as much pressure on the Tories as we have on the LibDems - this whole coalition could come tumbling down before they even have a chance of a second birthday party.

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