Tuesday 10 May 2011

Otro dios es posible

A few years ago I was introduced to the stunning series of books 'Just Jesus' by Maria Lopez Vigil and her brother Jose Lopez Vigil. It is a Central American retelling of the Gospel, in a series of texts first broadcast on radio. It is a pleasure to read, and has had a huge impact on my biblical understanding.

Yesterday, following a link on a blog I love (Iglesia descalcia) I came across a follow up piece of work by Maria and Jose; 'Otro dios es posible' - Another God is Possible, 100 interviews with Jesus. These funny and well informed scripts are available on audio only in Spanish, but thankfully, the texts are also on the website in English.

If you need to hear the voice of Jesus afresh, then take a peak at this piece of work (the interview in which we hear Jesus' reaction to the concept of the Trinity had me in stitches)



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