Tuesday 24 May 2011

Congress backs Netanyahu's delusions.

Congress gave Netanyahu an easy ride during his speech to them today in Washington. They were clearly happy to egg him on with his delusions that Israel is a bastion of freedom and democracy within a sea of Arab evil and anti-Americanism.

Of course, the reality is that Israel has always propped up dictatorships that it thought were helpful, and bombed and undermined the only Middle Eastern states to hold free and fair elections, Palestine and Lebanon. And ask a Palestinian living under Israeli occupation how 'free and democratic' Israel is, and you'll get a very different perspective.

Netanyahu's determination to define the scale of the stump state of Palestine, and refuse to allow debate on returning the borders to the 1967 lines, is entrenching Israel into permanent conflict (which I believe the Israeli Government has decided it can live with.)

Watching congress give Netanyahu 30 standing ovations, including one after he stated that Jerusalem will never be a shared capital, was simply frightening. Their is no 'give' in this stance, merely 'take'.

With the US military might behind it, Israel can do whatever it wants, and it knows it. If Obama really is serious about forcing a peace agreement, he has as much work to do facing up to the Zionists in the US Congress as with the warmongers in the Israeli Government.

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