Monday 9 May 2011

The thrill of the reprint!

I started this blog to promote the sale of my new book 'A Just Church'. I'm not a natural writer, but I figured that our little church in Bradford, trying to be a place that spoke out and acted on issues of poverty, climate change and war, was an important story to be listened to. To be honest though, I didn't expect that many people would be interested in what a 'fresh expression' church in Bradford was trying to achieve.

Imagine my surprise when my editor, the wonderful Carolyne Chartres, dropped me a line to say that the book was going to be reprinted, after only being on sale for just over two months! The original print run was 900, so it means that most of those are being read somewhere in the world, and hopefully a good few more will be selling in the coming months.

This is without much publicity, no review in the 'Church Times', no shelf space in Waterstones (bar the Bradford branch!) So this is a big thank you to anyone who has bought the book, and by word of mouth, has got the message out there; 'read this book!'

We need much more development of the work of liberation theology; we need far more experiments of worship based on inclusion and dialogue; we need churches and mosques, gurdwara's and community centres to lift up the voices of peace, equality and justice.

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