Tuesday 21 July 2015

A gentle summer

Just a note of thanks to loyal readers who have contacted me and made sure I am alright! After a disappointing election in the UK, a brutal first Tory budget and watching the continued attacks on the left in Greece, I must admit, it's hard to be optimistic about the state of the world.

So I've taken a bit of time off from blogging while I concentrate on family and my local church. Refugee work is continually important and takes time and energy, leaving little space for creative blogging. I have a retreat in Taize coming up next week, but I hope that gives rise to a gentle summer of rest and restoration.

I'll need it, September will not only see the return of the students, but the continued struggle against the world's biggest arms fair down in London - I do hope you can join me in some of the activities planned by 'Stop the Arms Fair' and the SPEAK network.

So I hope you are taking some time out with friends and family. Look after yourself, so that we can be renewed in the struggle for a better world. Many blessings my friends.