Wednesday 4 May 2011

The Provident's shameful AGM

The Provident tried to stave off any criticism of its activities at it's AGM today, by announcing the expansion of its workforce in Bradford. 250 new staff will operate a call centre at the new HQ on Thorton road for its 'Vanquis Bank' credit card subsidiary.

A member of Church Action on Poverty, Alan Thorton, questioned the senior staff team at the AGM, but it is clear that until the government is prepared to legislate against these legalised loansharks, they are not going to to miraculously change there banking practices.

I want more jobs in Bradford, but not at the cost of thousands of people suffering under crushing debts, being charged outrageous interest rates. Sadly, local councillors, MPs and even the local media are not prepared to challenge the Provident, and as I have written about in 'A Just Church', many in the local christian community have been bought out by the Provident's 'generous charity work'.

Much more work is needed to make this company the pariah that it deserves to be

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