Saturday 21 May 2011

Thoughts on the new Bishop

The 10th Bishop of Bradford was enthroned today at our city cathedral, and it was a grand affair. I'm not much into pomp and processions, and luckily didn't have to dress up. I simply had to sit in the pews and watch the show go by. It was really well paced, and the determination to fit in at least 5 mighty hymns was made bearable by being next to a great singer, the coroner for West Yorkshire.

Nick Baines is a very likable man, relaxed even during such a huge occasion. Once welcomed, enthroned, and staffed up, he gave the most wonderful sermon. It was about confidence, in ourselves and in our city, dispelling the 'rumours' one hears about the city from outsiders and even from our own ranks. He echoed St Paul in saying he had come to build up, not tear down.

Engaging and media friendly (he keeps up a much better blog than I do!) I am thrilled that he is our new Bishop. After a bruising round with another senior cleric yesterday, I am now far more optimistic about the future of ministry in Bradford under new his leadership.

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