Sunday 29 May 2011

2 women and 12 children murdered in the South West

If it were bombs dropping on Bristol, we would see things very differently. The news that 14 people, 2 women and 12 children were murdered by a US/NATO attack should make us all very angry. The two houses in the South Western area of Nawzad of Afghanistan were bombed in response to an attack on US marines by rebel forces. Revenge, the strategy of 'an eye for an eye', has become NATO policy

The US clearly believes it can get away with murder. Saying sorry for when these air strikes goes wrong is not enough. It happens all the time, week after week, and barely registers on the news channels of the countries that do the bombing.

Drone attacks, missile and air strikes, are a daily occurrence in Afghanistan and Pakistan - there is not even any concerted effort to count the number of people killed, let alone make accurate distinctions between 'insurgent' and 'civilian' casualties. Each death results in greater hatred for the occupiers in particular and the West in general.

If the money spent on bombs and weapons used in Afghanistan had been spent on waging peace and bringing prosperity to the country - then the world would be a much less dangerous place than it is.

We have to be angry, and it shouldn't matter whether the victims are in Helmand or Bath. When one innocent victim is killed by our government's policy - we have a duty to hold it to account.

For the sake of each murdered child, resist this evil war with every fibre in your being.

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