Tuesday 31 May 2011

6 months of Blogging

This is just a thank you to loyal readers after 6 months of blogging! I began the exercise simply to help plug my first ever book 'A Just Church', and to expand upon recent developments that come out of the themes of that the book touches on.

Without any major publicity, and with no reviews in even the Christian press, the book went into reprint within 2 months, and was a strong enough seller to go onto kindle. Pretty good going for a book about Liberation Theology! Its is thanks to word of mouth, and a lot of support has come out of those who read the blog - so thanks again!

Its not always been easy - the EDL targeted the blog at one stage, so I had to take off the comment section (though I still read everything sent to me - cheers for the encouraging comments!) and various right wing commentators have tried to hijack bits - (I find those who hide their true identities particularly annoying!)

But mostly its been fun - and with nearly 3,000 hits a month, well worth the efforts! I do hope that you continue to enjoy this medley of faith, culture and politics!

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