Tuesday 24 May 2011

Obama, the 'King of Spin' at Buckingham Palace

If I lived in London, I'd be outside Buckingham Palace at 5.30pm today, joining the Stop the War protest at Obama's visit. It was easy to get people riled up over George Bushes visits, why is it so hard to rile people up when Obama comes to town?

Do people still feel he is a progressive president? The evidence against is overwhelming. He has doubled the war effort in Afghanistan, still is the occupying force in Iraq, has escalated and prolonged the suffering of the Libyan people by going way beyond the UN mandate to protect civilians. He has overseen the deadly increase in drone attacks throughout the Middle East from Pakistan to Yemen.

He talk about non-violence and building democracy - but it only applies to everyone else, not the US empire, which can pick and choose its enemies at will. Venezuela, but not Colombia, North Korea, but not China, Libya, but not Saudi Arabia. The blatant execution of criminal bin Laden showed that Obama believes he is above the law.

If we think he has made progress in the Israel Palestine struggle, it certainly has not manifested itself on the ground. US still arms the Israeli occupation to the hilt.

If in London, why not go and protest against this king of spin. Obama may enjoy looking and sounding progressive, but he is still letting US imperialism do its thing.

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  1. I quite agree. The feeling of hope Obama brought only two and a half years ago is now completely gone. The sad thing is that the execution without trial of Osama bin Laden will probably give him a second term (not that I would relish Sarah palin or Donald Trump as a successor).