Friday 6 May 2011

Learn from the SNP - fight the cuts!

Labour must learn from the example set by the Scottish National Party. It is not enough to simply say - 'the cuts are too big, we'll introduce them over a longer period!'. We need a party who will actually oppose tuition fees, reverse the bit by bit privatisation of our schools and health care.

We need a party that will savage the work of the Tory government (not just pick on the Lib Dems!) and put forward a new agenda for politics based on the needs of the people of the UK, not just the corporate needs of big business.

I'm worried that the Tories will be secretly heartened by this election, realising that they can get the Lib Dems to suffer most of the wrath of the people, whilst retaining their core support. If change is to come, Labour must follow the lead of the SNP, and fight for the public services that workers have won over decades of struggle.


  1. There's a surprise - offer people FREE stuff and they vote for you (just don't tell them their children & grand children will have to pay for it all).

    Got to get myself one of those national Vanquis Bank credit cards with £3,000,000,000,000 credit limit. If we reach the credit limit we can just print some more money.

    You're not going to publish this are you. Still, got to admire my persistence ;o)

  2. The only reason that I don't publish your prolific and sometimes helpful and challenging comments is that you still refuse to come clean as to your identity. I had to change the openness of the Blog after abuse from EDL members, before that, I kinda accepted that there would always be a few right wingers who wanted to respond to my blogs! Just don't hide your identity, and don't hijack other people's blogs for your own agenda!