Sunday 22 May 2011

In my fathers house there are many dwelling places..

SoulSpace was a real delight today - the contributions from the congregation were helpful, thoughtful and varied, reflecting on the passage from John 14, verse 1 - 14. We made use of the whole space of the building, with different lines from the biblical passage on the walls and windows of the many rooms in the German Church.

I came out of the service feeling really hopeful and joyful - partly from singing the great South African song 'Sizohamba', but mostly the joy of feeling part of such a loving community. SoulSpace has always been special to me, but just recently it has resonated with the Holy Spirit. I'm so grateful to the contributions that everyone makes to the service - the word 'communion' is rarely used so appropriately.

Jesus begins by saying to his worried comrades, 'Let not your hearts be troubled', despite their obvious fear of death and betrayal. (the story takes place on the evening of the last supper) Even in the midst of fear and worry, Jesus longs for us to remain trusting in God, and trusting in the way of truth, justice, peace and life.

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