Monday 16 May 2011

Long live 'The Walking Dead'

It's been a weekend of TV heaven, with a superb episode of Dr Who written by fan favourite Neil Gaiman, and a cracking episode of the BBC's new drama 'The Shadowline'. But for me, the weekends viewing was topped by the finale of the 6 part US series 'The Walking Dead'.

It may seem like an unusual choice of programme for a priest - a gore filled post zombie apocalypse - but let me explain why I loved it. Just like the series 'Being Human', 'The Walking Dead' uses the horror genre to explore the human condition. Faced with extremes, we can unpick what living is all about. The series has dealt with themes such as hope; love; infidelity; racism; domestic abuse; suicide; as well a host of other morality matters.

Easy answers are not always provided, heroes are flawed, terrible deeds are done. But this zombie series has allowed many to ask themselves - when all else has gone, what is it that we really value most? Post zombie apocalypse - the question remains, would I become a selfish monster, or the last bastion of humanity?

All I can say is, long live 'The Walking Dead'!

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