Tuesday 8 March 2011

The wonderful, eccentric people of Bradford!

One of the reasons I love this city of Bradford is the remarkable people that you come across all the time. Today I met two more. I was walking down Barkerend Rd when I noticed two old guys digging around on a patch of wasteland. Having an interest in guerrilla gardening, I went over to say hello. I suspected that they might be East Europeans making the most of the land.

They turned out to be twins, Dave and Stuart, who spend their retirement scrambling around on derelict sites, sowing seeds to attract butterflies. Their particular concern at the moment is the plight of the common blue butterfly, which lost most of its local habitat recently to a car park in Shipley. Armed with some seeds and a rake, they have worked tirelessly for the sake of these butterflies.

They were eccentric and knowledgeable, and had been hassled by the police and various security guards, and threatened with trespass charges on many occasions. It will not stop them. They love the city of Bradford, and they love butterflies. They are now added to the long list of lovable rogues and adventurers that I have happened to come across in this delightful city!


  1. Mr Howson... have you gone back on your previous blog post?

  2. Lent begins on Ash wednesday - tomorrow! Tonight we may feast on pancakes, and blog if we wish! Sundays and Feastdays are also exempt from the 40 days and nights! Have a good one!

  3. And whilst you were strutting down Barkerend Road did you take in the delights of the local Muslim drug dealers, speeding around with no care in the world?

    Oh what delight to observe these beautiful people. Such lovable rogues - pushing their heroin! And did you take in the spectacular scenery of Bradford's lower classes, wallowing in their lifeless bodies, pram pushing estate tramps, looking forward to their next beer.

    It amazes me how people like you and your middle class contemporaries see it fit to ignore the truth of Bradford's current state and its dire future. The first sign is to concede what Bradford has become. Until this happens, I see no change.

  4. Dear Andy, as tempting as it is to simply delete your comments, I think the hatred and mindlessness speak for themselves. You know nothing about my background, and I yours. I ask if we can meet in person, as I cannot have a conversation with an anonymous person. Happy to meet up on Barkerend Road if it helps.