Sunday 20 March 2011

The difference between Chocolate and Oil

In an African nation bloodshed and chaos are swirling. Over 500,000 are fleeing towards the border to avoid the fighting. The Government are shelling its own people, killing innocent men women and children. At one demonstration, the army brutally fired upon the 'Women for Peace' rally.

It looks like civil war is brewing, gunfire in heard in every town, in every city.

At yet there are no war planes flying over head. There is no 'no fly zone'. There is no UN plan to destroy the army's capacity to wage war against its own people. And the world has never heard of Laurent Gbagbo.

The African nation is the Ivory Coast. And the reason that we are intervening in Libya and not 'Cote D'Ivoire' is because of the simple matter of 'Western interests'.

It seems that the Western nations are capable of giving up Chocolate for Lent, but not Oil...