Monday 7 March 2011

A Just Church at Greenbelt!

Great news! After four years of bidding to do a talk at Greenbelt Festival, I have finally managed to secure a place. I love this festival, and my family go every year. The idea of a Christian arts and music festival sounds a little off putting at first (4 days surrounded by Christians?! - uughh!) but it is extraordinarily good, and is open to all people of all faiths and none.

It is for people who recognise the importance of faith and want to learn and grow with each other. It always gives me hope in the Church to share an experience with 20,000 progressive Christians.

I will get to do two talks, one on 'A Just Church', about the relevance of 'Liberation Theology' to fresh expressions of faith, and one entitled 'Dancing in Milbank; Why Christians should resist the cutbacks'. There may be an opportunity to have a greenbelt 'SoulSpace' which would be lovely, as we have always used the festival to keep in touch with old friends who have left Bradford.

So do get your tickets early (its cheaper that way!) and lets have a huge camping party at Greenbelt. It will be marvellous, as long as my talks don't clash with Billy Bragg or Mark Thomas (the real reasons you'll be going!)


  1. Way hey! I look forward to coming to your talks, as long as they don't clash with Rob Bell, Brian McLaren or Phyllis Tickle (the real reason I'm going) :-)

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