Sunday 13 March 2011

Being Human - What a ride!

Series three has come to a close, and what a finale! Eight episodes of sheer joy, great humour and heartfelt emotion. But did we learn something of 'being human' from watching the lives of Mitchell, Annie, George and Nina?

For all of its gore, the show has a very soft heart. It is the friendship between George and Mitchell which has held the show together. Perhaps it was inevitable that the ending came as it did - with George saving Mitchell from his greatest hell, being forced to kill humans at the whim of the 'old ones'. We shall never forget Mitchell's look of love for his friend as he fades to dust.

Despite being a couple of werewolves and a ghost, Nina, Annie and George are real beacons of humanity . They are determined to keep their integrity despite all that is thrown at them. The programme argues that whatever horrors befall us - we can retain our humanity. If we hang on to friendship, to love, to compassion - we can continue 'being human' regardless of any evil that comes our way. What a wonderful message of hope.

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  1. I'm glad I stuck with it. Amazing series. Helped me to let go of some more old judgements. Vampires, werewolfs and ghosts can be cuddly after all!