Sunday 6 March 2011

Nobel Peace Prize Winner joins protest at crossbow shop

Betty Williams is passionate about peace. She urged the participants at the University Peacejam event to get stuck in to peace initiatives in their local environments.

When I told her about the killings that happened in Bradford last year, and about the crossbow shop in Bradford, she asked if she could do something to help. I was so grateful for her encouragement, that I gave her a copy of my book on the spot.

I drew up a petition last night, and thought it would be great if she would be the first to sign the piece of paper. Today, when we met, all she asked in return for signing the petition was a big hug! She had read most of my book overnight, and was thrilled by it. She was particularly interested in the chapters on Palestine and our struggle with Total over their involvement in Burma.

I was so stunned that amid the business of her schedule, she had found time for my book. What an amazing woman. More importantly I hope that the signature will help put more pressure on the shop in town to take the crossbows out of its shop window. With the energy of Betty Williams behind us - we might eventually win this one!

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