Monday 7 March 2011

On being a perfectionist.

Some of you may know that I teach the Enneagram, an ancient system of understanding personality types based on both Sufi and Christian wisdom traditions. I find it helpful and illuminating most of the time, and irritating at other times.

Irritating, because it is so damned accurate. My type is known as the perfectionist, not that you would ever guess that from the state of my office. Generally, I like to have everything done as perfectly as I think I am capable of - this normally leads to long hours, some successes and some disappointments.

So yesterday should have been perfect. I was guest preaching at the Cathedral, so I over prepared for SoulSpace, our usual Sunday service. I got up especially early, got the heating on, made sure the chairs were set out, put out the wine and bread - typed up and had the service sheets ready. Barbara Glasson and Anna were heading up the service, so I knew it would go well.

However, I forgot to check up to make sure someone had the keys to the German Church where we have our services! Big imperfection.

But the Holy Spirit does amazing things. Everyone went back to Touchstone, the Methodist city centre project, and Barbara and the gang ate, drank and prayed together. It was, by all accounts, a marvelous occasion.

Whatever our own personality types, we could all learn to let go of the need to control, and allow the Holy Spirit to do her work.