Tuesday 1 March 2011

Great news about the book!

It is the first day of spring and the sun has been shining bright. A clear, crisp day, a delight to walk around town. But the spring in my step was caused not just by the weather, but by the news that my book is doing really well in Bradford.

Call me shallow, but I was delighted to find out that my book, which had entered the Bradford Waterstones chart at a staggering number three last week, had managed to jump up to the number one position this week. It is currently the most read book in Bradford.

The manager thought it was the first time a religious book had ever achieved this. On its own this is remarkable, but what is really stunning is that this is a book about liberation theology, the interaction between politics and spirituality.

Maybe it is a sign that the wider public have an appetite for a more radical church, that if Christians stood up for justice more vigorously, then we could once again have the respect of our nation.


  1. I am diametrically opposed to you on just about everything (bar faith in Jesus ... but even there I have doubts about whether we're singing from the same hymn sheet!). But I am genuinely pleased for you on your accomplishment.

  2. Your book is the subject of a very large display in the window of St Paul's bookshop in York today - I walked past it and thought 'Ooooh, I recognise that!'
    Well done.