Sunday 3 April 2011

Tridents into ploughshares...

Liam Fox made the announcement yesterday that the Government plan to keep 4 Trident submarines on a permanent basis. There had been some hope that, at the very least, the new fleet being commissioned might be reduced to 3, especially with all the current cutbacks.

But if there is one thing that is 'cutback proof', it is the Tory belief in the nuclear weapons industry. It is crazy in this time of austerity to cling on to the Trident system - an vastly over costed and non effective programme. It is not even controlled by us, it is simply an extension of US military power.

It has no effect on the increasing dangers of international terrorism, cyber attack and destabilised states. It is costly and ridiculous - so why are we lumbered with it? I think it is to do with a misguided sense of status that has always gone along with the holding of nuclear weaponry. It is how Britain justifies its seat at the top table, the big league of Imperial players.

And while it is the nuclear states who call all the shots, is it any wonder that rogue states will risk so much to join them at the table? It is time for Britain to admit that it is no longer the imperial power that our government wishes it to be.

It is time to lay down our tridents, and turn them into ploughshares.

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