Sunday 3 April 2011

I love April Fools day!

Once a year is not quite enough for me, but when it does come round, I do love a good April Fools day joke. It gets harder and harder as more and more people toughen up to the experience, and predict that I will be menacing them in some way. But there are always the unprepared. Here is a snippet of the email I sent to the Bradford Cathedral staff:

"Dear (name excluded to avoid embarrassment, but he is incharge of the new Bishops Installation)

I was at a meeting at the 1 in 12 club (an anarchist collective in Westgate)
lastnight and I heard some disturbing news. Not only is the the day of the
new Bishops service going to be Bradford's Gay Pride festival, which has
probably added to the complexity of the day, but the UK Uncut have earmarked
that day as a 'Day of Anger' at the Church of Englands use of overseas tax
on some of its investment.

Cathedrals up and down the country are going to be targeted, and it is my fear
that Bradford will be especially targeted because of the Bishop's service.

Anyway, try not to be too worried, many of these protests are on a much smaller
scale than the anarchists hope - but I thought you should be warned.

Have a good day, blessings


The poor fellow completely went for it, especially as the Gay Pride parade is certainly taking place on the same day, making the anarchist 'day of anger' even more plausable a complication.  I am lucky that a central plank in Christian theology is forgiveness.