Sunday 3 April 2011

Liquid Church

Last week we tried out some 'liquid worship' during our Sunday service. This involved setting up 5 different 'stations' based upon the bible reading for the day (the Samaritan woman at the well) and then allowing those who came to wander around at there own pace.

People could stop at the well we built, dip their fingers in the cool water and consider the ideas of 'thirsting' and 'living water'. At a picture of Elizabeth Taylor, people considered how women are portrayed in society.

A hoop of vines allowed us to define who or what we considered 'insiders' or 'outsiders', and some pictures of Christ let us dwell who we really believed Jesus actually is for us. Maps of Israel/Palestine gave us an opportunity to think about issues of 'the land' and ownership.

I loved the way people could stop, discuss, pray, think. 'Liquid worship' is rarely used during normal service time, and it is certainly a more time consuming 'event' to make happen. But the benefits are huge, and the conversations and experiences renewed and deepened our faith. I'm grateful to those who were prepared to experiment with 'Liquid worship' as a helpful way of understanding the 'living water' offered by Jesus.

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