Sunday 3 April 2011

HRH Rowan William's visit to SoulSpace on 1st April...

Most of my church members are well inoculated against my little April fools, so I was delighted that the following resulted in several visitors to Desmond Tutu House on the 1st. This was the email I sent out early in the morning:

HRH Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury is making a short visit to Bradford Diocese today, and all are invited to meet him at his various state visits. At 9am he will be opening a new exhibitions of King James Bibles (abridged) in the Gallery of Bradford Cathedral. At 11am he is visiting Bradford University, where
he did his first degree in Modern Languages, back in the 1960's when the University was still a subsidiary of Bradford Community College.

It is planned that as part of the visit, he will pay a quick visit to Desmond Tutu House, where he will bless the new 'Peace Entrance', a specially commissioned door that symbolises the journey from 'hate to peace, from despair to joy and from room to room'.

Please be at Desmond Tutu House by 11am if you wish to welcome Rowan to Desmond Tutu House, all are welcome.



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  1. That actually resulted in MORE visitors? Would have kept me away ... even if I was a regular!! (But please don't lose any sleep about that!!)