Sunday 17 April 2011

'Mission Creep' is not the weird guy from the local 'free church'

It was obviously going to be 'regime change'. From the moment the planes began to fly, you could sense that it was going to escalate - that the polite term 'mission creep' was always going to be a reality. 'Mission creep' is not the weird guy from the local free church who thinks its OK to shout at people in the city centre - 'mission creep' is when it is obvious that large empires who say they are going to 'bomb' in the name of 'humanitarian aid' end up bombing on a much greater scale, with disastrous results.

US, British and French governments shunned those working for Libyan peace talks from the African Union, South America and from the Arab world. Instead, it chose a military solution. To buy support for such an intervention, it sold the public the story that it was 'limited warfare', and only there to save civilian populations. Now we are told that we are in the middle of a protracted civil war, and that we are in it until there is 'regime change'.

That is 'mission creep'. It is misleading because it implies that those who started bombing did so unknowing how the situation would develop. We can not allowed ourselves to be deceived. Our leaders were decided on regime change from the beginning - they were just not honest enough, or brave enough, to tell that to our faces.

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  1. 557 MP's voted for the action. Only 13 voted against.

    Unbelievable. Have they really got such short memories?