Tuesday 14 June 2011

Will the hole in Bradford finally get filled?

The T&A had an exclusive today - a new photograph of the 'revised' Broadway Centre produced by developers 'Westfield'. Westfield will be holding a new public consultation on the project in July, and want people opinions. The scheme has been scaled down to reflect current economic conditions.

If you've read my book, or lived in Bradford over the last 10 years, then the mention of the firm 'Westfield; may fill you with dread. They have promised to start building on the site in the heart of the centre several times before - start dates have come and gone, so its hard to get too excited about the news story.

I'm happy that the scale of the shopping centre has been reduced. If it is to be built, it mustn't empty the rest of the city centre of it's existing shops. I like them where they are, in buildings with charm and character. Westfield's building proposals look as is they could be the sort of place that assisted suicides could be accommodated in. Bland, emotionless cathedrals of consumerism.

But the hole needs filling, so let us pray that this is not just another dud public relations move by a company that has had little regard for the people of Bradford over the last decade.


  1. It is a pity there aren't more imaginative uses of the site. An outdoor venue?

  2. A shopping centre ... how imaginative :o(

    Not holding my breath for this one either though.

  3. what a missed opportunity to make something very special for Bradford....
    Where are the great philanthropic visionaries from Bradford?