Friday 17 June 2011

Official Government policy; 'Work till you drop!'

The announcement that virtually all government employees will have to work till they are 66, and will have to pay considerably more towards their pensions is a depressing story indeed.

Danny Alexandria and his millionaire chums will now face opposition from the GMB, the NUT and a range of public sector unions. For them to successful in there campaign for better conditions for their members, they will need widespread support from those of us not employed in the public sector.

The government will portray the unions as being unrealistic and greedy, so we must be prepared to make sure they are not isolated and picked off, one union at a time. To implement such horrific changes, the capitalist class (exemplified by this cabinet of millionaires), will need some hard hitting tactics. It is therefore not so surprising that the police (along with firefighters) will not have to endure the same changes as nurses and teachers. It looks like the government are getting ready for a full scale onslaught against the working people of this nation, and it may well resort to force.

Let us stand firm with the public sector workers - no society should hand over a trillion pounds to the banking sector, spend a million pounds a day bombing Libya, be prepared to lose billions of pounds in tax revenue from the most profitable companies, and at the same time, tell its public sector servants to 'work till you drop!'

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