Monday 27 June 2011

100 days and nights of bombing Libya

Have we got very far in the last 100 days? At first it all seemed so wonderful; 'protecting civilians from a massacre!' - but like all lies, it all soon fell apart. And like all lies, the lies just got bigger. To cover up the mess we are in, the propaganda just keeps on coming.

100 days after the outbreak of Nato bombings, the International Criminal Court finally announced the warrants of arrest for Gaddafi and one of his sons. But of course, all war is crime. All those who feel that force will sort out the problems are deluding themselves. They are part of the problem.

We all want Gaddafi to go. He is another mad, bad dictator that we happily shook hands with and sold arms too. But it matters how we choose to rid ourselves of these people. It must come out of the efforts of the region itself. It must come about with diplomacy, sanctions, and primarily through non-violence.

But the bombing continues, innocents continue to die, and the two sides will grow in hatred, sowing the seeds for violence to flower in the coming years. The West has spent Billions on the war effort, Britain already wasting £250 million that could have been spent on struggling public sector projects. Imagine a different world. Imagine how we would feel if we were celebrating 100 days and nights of relentless peace making....

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