Wednesday 1 June 2011

Natural Shale Gas fracking lunacy!

Go and see the film 'Gasland' (available through the fantastic 'Dogwoof' film distributors.)  It is clear that the process of 'fracking' has some disastrous effects on the environment, especially on local water supplies.

The news that it may also be responsible for low level earthquakes around Blackpool is apparently not news to the industry, where these side effects are known and predicted. I wonder if the people living nearby had been given this information before 'fracking' was started.

We have a finite planet. We simply cannot keep on squeezing all the non-renewables from the earth. our desire for more sources of energy seems to outstrip our care for the planet. I fear that the oil and gas industries are being given permission to get away with the murder in the search for new ways of keeping the old systems going.

The public need to know if the government has given permission for any other 'fracking' experiments. And we need to stop this method being used throughout the poorer parts of the world, as desperate for energy as they may well be.

If we don't stop this madness, and concentrate our 'energy' on renewables and reduction of energy consumption, then we will end up being well and truly 'fracked'.

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