Friday 25 February 2011

The West's bizarre attempts to discredit Venezuela.

Venezuela bashing has always been a favourite sport of Western governments, but the attempt to link Gaddafi to Chavez has been appalling to watch. William Hague tried to suggest Gaddafi was fleeing to Venezuela, a lie spread from the heart of US anti-Chavista networks.

The hope is to discredit Hugo Chavez by association. But Chavez is the democratically elected head of Venezuela (3 times, much to the annoyance of the US government), not a power crazy, unelected despot. Their link is oil, and the US obsession to smash OPEC, and thus ensuring more power over the oil market.

What is ignored is the Venezuelan support for the Egyptian people and their victory over authoritarianism (see the link to the Venezuelan Solidarity Network Chazez simply warns that it should be the people of a nation that decide its outcome, not foreign powers. Venezuelans understand this problem, having beaten off a military coup supported by the US in 2002.


  1. What utter rubbish. The West, for all their imperialism, war mongering and obsession with oil, DO NOT need to try and discredit this lying hypocrite. Do you know anything about this mans corruption?

    Lastly, is it worth highlighting your hero's friendship with Ghadaffi?!
    A man who Chavez refuses to condemn. And you still admire this man?
    Sorry, but the only display from my view point - worth regarding as bizarre, seems to be your appreciation for Chavez.

  2. I have huge admiration for Chavez who has reduced poverty in his own country and has given hope to millions. His work pulling OPEC together has meant he has worked with Gaddafi and others, but the notion on his friendship with them is based on rightwing attempts to discredit Chavez and silence his critical stance of the West.

    His call for 'peace talks' with Gaddafi and the new authorities in the East of Libya, seems sensible to me simply because the West has armed Gaddafi so considerably, that a democratic revolution is unlikely to occur in the same way as in Egypt and Tunisia.

    Dear Andy, again I ask if we can meet in person, as I cannot have a conversation with an anonymous person.