Thursday 10 February 2011

Keelham Farm Shop - hope when shopping!

I reluctantly went to a farmshop just outside Thorton today. My wife had been before, and said that it was a great place. I'm not a natural shopper, so had put it off for a while.

It was amazing - located in beautiful scenery, high above Bradford, it provides a genuine antidote to modern supermarket shopping. A wide range of organic, cheap, tasty food, from fruit to beer. The staff were friendly and informative, and there was a chance to try things out; dragon fruit, lemon tarts etc.

Then we discovered the animal bit - goats, turkeys, Vietnamese Potbellied Pigs - my little daughter was delighted!

Without shareholders to appease - small locally owned stores can outperform any supermarket on every level. Keelham Farm Shop is proof of that. They even provide a free bus service on a Tuesday for the nearby people of Thorton. Outstanding - visit if you can, and you'll never go to a supermarket ever again!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Chris, would you be happy for Keelham Farm Shop to use a bit of your quote in our Christmas newsletter?
    Liz Howe, on behalf of Keelham Farm Shop.