Sunday 27 February 2011

RBS/Natwest, far more useful as a 'creche'...

When I was in London for the SPEAK conference, I noticed that facebook was alive with chatter about RBS, Natwest and a certain group called UK Uncut. I went to visit the large RBS near Liverpool St Station to see if I could help liberate a bank for the morning.

The bank was closed off, with a large police presence at the front entrance. They were clearly expecting trouble. UK Uncut has successfully made the banking institutions very nervous indeed. Soon I was reading on the tweets that many banks had been turned into creches and libraries, and that virtually every RBS and Natwest bank had been closed in the city centre.

These banks have taken billions of pounds from the tax payers, they have awarded themselves huge bonuses, and refused to lend to those small businesses that really needed it during the recession. Thank God people are beginning to rise up, and make life difficult for those who have caused the crisis in our society.

If the government fails to sort out the mess, then perhaps it is up to us to turn our banks into temporary hospitals, nurseries and community libraries - and make them work for us for a change!

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