Tuesday 21 December 2010

The smell of a new book...

It finally arrived, a proof copy of my new book! The striking cover by Ed Marshall is very effective, an image of Christ wrapped in barbed wire - reminding me of fences crossed at military bases, and of the barriers put up between the rich and poor, the powerful and the powerless.

The comments on the back cover by Kathy Galloway are very kind indeed "This book bears witness that hope is not a time story, it's a love story. I am going to get all my friends to read it." Kathy is someone I have always admired, from my first meeting with her at Faslane Naval Base. Seeing Christian leaders prepared to break the law and non-violently struggle for peace had a huge impact on me, and helped shaped my future ministry.

I really hope that the book does justice to those I have worked with over the years, and tells the story of grassroots opposition to inequalities. It has been an immense privilege to be alongside so many beautiful people over the last 21 years in Bradford, and the last 5 years as Bradford's City Centre Priest have been amazing.

Being a perfectionist, I can already see the flaws and mistakes, now in print forever! But I also am so happy to have told this story, and to talk about some of the extraordinary issues we have dealt with. The style is written very much in the style of how I speak, so I'm really looking forward to some of the 'readings' booked for Waterstones, they will really bring the text alive. The official launch will be on the 24th Feb, 6pm Wool Exchange, with other readings to be arranged in Leeds, York, Birmingham, Sheffield and Durham.

If the book leads others to become interested in liberation theology and to be inspired to get stuck in with direct action on the environment, human rights and peace issues, then all the hard work will have been worth it!

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