Wednesday 1 December 2010

Dancing in Millbank

It will be interesting to see where theologians and Christians locate themselves in the 'big society' debate. Already, key members of the institution keep referring to the opportunities the new conservative policy may bring to the church, others point out our impressive role already in the 'big society'.

This all misses the point. The Tory 'big society' is nothing more than a expression of 'big unregulated capitalism'. To ally ourselves to this movement is to ally ourselves to the corrupt neo liberal agenda.
The location I wish to find myself in during this debate, is alongside those who are exposing the ideological attack on the welfare state, I want to be with those who are pointing out that it is the banks and big businesses tax cheats who are wrecking this country.

I was happy to be dancing in the Millbank building with thousands of young students, who quite rightly identified it as a legitimate target in opposing cuts to education. The media's focus on one dangerous and reckless act with a fire extinguisher eclipsed the non-violent bravery of thousands of young people who took the issue right to the heart of the enemy. Most of the violence I witnessed was of truncheons raining down on defenceless young students, an image that didn't make it to most of the tabloids.

So where will Christians be in the 'big society' debate? They can rub their hands together at the thought of picking up a few government crumbs as the public sector crumbles, or they can go join in the occupations, the sit-ins, the protests outside corporate tax evaders. Personally, I'd rather be dancing at Millbank.

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  1. Well said fella. Big Business Society or Big Unregulated Capitalism are better ways of describing the Con-Dem vision to Build a Bitter Britain.