Thursday 9 December 2010

Police fears about Topshop and carol services!

At one of the anti-cuts demos this week, I took up a megaphone and stated my solidarity with the occupation and direct actions aimed at tax avoiding companies such as the Arcadia group (Topshop/Miss Selfish etc). As soon as I had gone back, police wanted to know my name (see earlier blog). Today I was contacted by the police again, trying to get information from me as to the plans for the Topshop demos to come. I was so annoyed at the thought that the police believed I might be a soft touch for spilling the beans!

I explained that these are autonomous actions, with no leaders. They are spontaneous, and no one person can 'control' them. Police find all this very frustrating. And they are clutching at straws. I was asked to contact the police if I heard of anything else happening.

I rang the police officer later in the day with a top tip "In half an hour, 100 students are taking over the small hall of the university - its going to be very noisy! You should come along!"

I was of course referring to the Christian Union Carol Concert.

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