Wednesday 1 December 2010

A Just Church

The book will finally be out in a few months, almost 18 months since theologian Ann Morisy encouraged me to write about our experiences in Bradford. Our church has had its ups and downs, but we can still claim to be at the cutting edge of the interplay between the emerging church (commonly known as fresh expression churches in the UK) and liberation theology.

In this blog, I hope to update readers with ongoing news from our two fresh expressions of faith: SoulSpace and JustSpace. Those familiar with the book might be interested to see how our experiment is developing.

As a word of warning, comments will be brief and patchy. Life as a liberation theologian can never relaxed enough to spend too much time in front of a computer! In the UK we have a conservative neoliberal government to contend with, and I would rather spend my efforts fighting cuts than typing! Also my two beautiful girls are growing up - and time with them is a liberating as any reflection on theology.

When I get a chance though - I promise to keep up to date with news from 'a just church'!

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