Sunday 13 February 2011

Walk like an Egyptian

I have just spent the last few hours in the very pleasant company of my friend Basem, an Egyptian who has lived in Bradford for many years now. He is 29 years old - Hosni Mubarak ruled his country from before he was born. We had decided to walk to the little village of Egypt near Thorton, to celebrate the changes that had taken place, and to remember those who have died in the struggle.

The graciousness of the Egyptian people is astounding. Even though they knew he had to go, many felt sorry for their dictator - almost like that syndrome that affects captives with their captors. Though Basem sounded cautious about the future, it was impossible to hide his pride in his nation and his fellow Egyptians.

They have lost many lives, 350 people in 18 days of struggle, with many more secretly tortured or wounded. But they held firm, and alongside the people of Tunisia, have proven that given the right circumstances and determination, anything is possible. From the fall of Apartheid, to the Berlin Wall, humanity keeps proving that it is capable of remarkable things. Faith, as they say, can really move mountains.

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