Wednesday 23 February 2011

Arming the Dictators: Shame on Cameron and the Arms Industry.

As the citizens of North Africa and the Middle East brave the bullets of their dictators, the world should keep an eye on David Cameron and the arms sellers. Whilst saying one thing in public about 'listening to the people' and 'democratic change' Cameron is on a tour, trying to sell weapons to the very same leaders who turn these weapons on their own people.

The British Prime Minister, in the most disgraceful act of profiteering I can remember, is touring the Middle East with a whole entourage of business leaders including eight representatives of 'defence' firms. Among them, Ian King, the chief executive of BAE systems.

At the same time, over 100 British firms are showcasing weapons and torture equipment in Abu Dhabi 'International Defence Exhibition and Conference', Britain largest ever delegation to an International Arms Fair.

It is hypocritical of Western leaders to go on about peace and democracy whilst at the same time making as much money as possible arming oppressive states. They see the unrest in North Africa as the perfect time to make a killing for their arms industries. Shame on Cameron, and shame on us for not doing more to expose this evil trade. Join 'Campaign Against the Arms Trade' today!

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