Friday 25 February 2011

Successful Launch of 'A Just Church'!

The Wool Exchange is by far the most beautiful building in Bradford, and lies at the heart of its cultural heritage. It is now a branch of Waterstones, and was a perfect place to launch my new book.

'A Just Church' is the story of Liberation Theology at work in the UK, but it is powered by a contextual approach. This simply means that churches are politically, culturally and economically rooted in the environment they find themselves in. Our church has tried to respond to the concrete issues it has witnessed around itself.

The Wool Exchange was full of some of the very people that make up many of the stories in 'A Just Church' - activists from CND, CAAT, local Sanctuary seekers, artists, storytellers, clergy, police officers. The book is a love story, not simply of my own love for the city - but of God's love for the city. For God's love, never disregards anyplace or any people.

Thankyou to all who came and made it such a special occasion. Now on to London on Saturday (SPEAK conference 12.40pm), Leeds on Monday (Hinsley Hall 5pm), then back to Bradford University on Tuesday 1st March 5pm. Blessings!

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