Tuesday 15 February 2011

Crossbow shop - The saga continues!

Despite promises made infront of Canon from the Cathedral, reporters from the local paper, and workers from Bradford Rape Crisis - The shop owner of 'Barkers' decided to put his 'hunting crossbows' back in the display windows of his shop.

I went in to complain, but the liar was unrepentent: "I had to go back on my promise, they're not selling" he cried. Perhaps that is because the only person in Bradford who wants to spend £149 on a hunter crossbow is locked away in a high security prison.

'Barkers' operates within the law. The police have made it clear that they would defend the shops rights in the event of protest, even though they dislike what the place sells (swords, knuckle dusters etc)

We must find a way of protesting against the casual violence and intimidation that is inspired by this kind of shop. A boycott and petition will be the next step - but I ask all of you who live in Bradford to pop in and ask for a packet of cigarettes. Enquire if the owner has taken the crossbows out of the window and when he admits that he hasn't, walk out in disgust. It is only when business people realise that they are losing custom that they are finally forced to do the decent thing.


  1. This determination of yours may well be a symbolic gesture, due mainly to Bradford's latest serial killer's appetite for such weaponry, but seriously, Bradford folk do not need or require crossbows to etch out their violence and thuggery. Try to observe the bigger picture. Bradford is an awful place, battered by social ills, chavs, militant Muslims and many more so called, 'beautiful people'.

    Take their weaponry away from them. They'll still find another way to carry out their desires.

  2. Dear Andy, I'm sorry that you have such a negative view about Bradford (and about everyone judging by the other comments you have made!)again I ask if we can meet in person, as I cannot have a conversation with an anonymous person. Many Thanks.