Sunday 6 February 2011

Stop doing what you're doing.

I'm a big fan of Stephen Cottrell, the new designated Bishop of Chelmsford and former Bishop of Reading. I first met him at Aldermaston, one of the few bishops to make a strong stand against the Trident nuclear missile system (alongside David James, former Bishop of Bradford) He was applauding Keith Hebden for jumping in the road and blocking an entrance to the base.

Though I admire him for that, it is one of his books Do Nothing to Change Your Life: Discovering What Happens When You Stop  that I want to promote here. I have just come back from a retreat at Parcevall Hall, Appletreewick, and I feel great. It could have been the food, which is scrummy. It could have been the company, 24 of us loosely connected to SoulSpace. But I know, that the real joy came from not having to do much at all.

Friends looked after the kids, Barbara Glasson did all the hard work preparing the theme. Others cooked delicious meals. I stopped for a while. I went for walks, I read some newspapers. I took several large baths. As a result, my prayers felt answered, and the quality of my time was greatly enhanced.

The life of an activist priest can be hectic and demanding. Every so often I need to stop, do nothing, and let God do her thing. What do you need to do less of to improve the quality of your life?


  1. Really? Hmmm. Wonder if he'll give me a job...

  2. Hello Chris

    Sounds wonderful - I had a similar, yet different, experience with what I can only describe as an accidental pilgrimage!

    Warmest Regards


  3. Love this:

    "Every so often I need to stop, do nothing, and let God do her thing".