Wednesday 6 July 2011

Walking with Mark Thomas

For my our ninth wedding anniversary Cat and I couldn't believe our luck - Mark Thomas was performing a show in Bradford! The comedian has a very special place in our hearts because 9 years ago, two days before our wedding, we had walked with him around the American Spybase at Menwith Hill. He is a top bloke, who uses his skills as a humourist to highlight extremely important campaigns.

His books have been on the arms trade, the evils of Coca-cola, and now, recording his travels walking the length of the Israeli Wall, illegally built on Palestinian soil. His show, based on the book 'Extreme Rambling' is hilarious, but more importantly it tells of the plight of the Palestinians in an informative and accessible way. Those of us who have been to the region recognised so much truth in all the comedy. Mark's hatred for the folly of violence is only topped by his hatred of mime artists, clowns and street performers in general. His tale of the 'Martyred' giraffe in a Palestinian zoo was side splittingly funny, yet also said so much about the human spirit. Read the book to hear the story!

My thanks to Mark for doing what he does, and inspiring the rest of us to use the gifts we have for the service of humanity. Even if it is juggling.

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