Tuesday 26 July 2011

Outpourings of Hate must be countered with outpourings of Love

It has been hard to digest the evil that has occurred in Norway last Friday. The madness, the shear horror, the utter cruelty of it all. Anders Breivik has attempted to overturn the peaceful nature of Norwegian society, and unleash a wave of hatred toward all who favour multiculturalism, and violence towards those of other faiths.

He has failed miserably. The Norwegians have reacted with shock, but real dignity. "The answer to terrorism is not more 'security' but more democracy" was the reply of the Prime Minister. One survivor said "If this amount of evil can be done by one man, imagine the good that can be done collectively by those with good intent"

Breivik wants to provoke more hatred - but he has stirred disgust at all who work for violence and evil, and the reaction to his crimes will not be what he had fantasised. His outpourings of hate must be countered with a determined outpouring of love for our neighbours. He is not the future, but a throwback to the sick racism and fascism of the past.

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