Saturday 2 July 2011

Street Angels say goodbye and thanks to the German Church!

Last night may well have been the last shift that the Street Angels operated from the German Church Hall. For 4 years we have worked with the German Church community, and they opened up their facilities for our daring project. Countless young people have been able to come and feel safe after some sort of trauma (last night we helped 3 young Latvian women, one who had severely injured her ankle) and it has been our base for thousands of patrols that have helped make Bradford a safer place.

From next week the police have offered us free space in their new facility in City Hall, and we begin a 3 month trial there. I'm sure it will be great for Bradford Street Angels, but I'll miss the German Church Hall - so many memories!

Bless the little old ladies of the German speaking community, who dared to realise that God had not finished with them yet! The realised that they had possessed a gift for the people of Bradford, and they gave it willingly.

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