Sunday 2 January 2011

The walk of peace to Egypt.

The new years day massacre of Christians in Alexandria highlights the desperate need for respect and understanding between faiths. It demands our mutual condemnation of all violence between faiths, and the exposure of the ignorance of extremism.

Today, our church members will make a symbolic walk to Egypt as a sign of peace between all people. We were originally going there (a small village outside Thorton in West Yorkshire) to mark the story of Joseph, Mary and Jesus fleeing from King Herod's persecution after Jesus' birth. When we finally get to the village, we will remember the people of Egypt, the families of the 21 killed at the end of their new years communion, and all people of faith who will be working for peace and reconciliation.

Those committed to hate and anger are determined to start 2011 with signs of terror. Those of us committed to love and peace must be equally determined to show signs of hope and forgiveness in this coming new year.

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