Sunday 23 January 2011

Being Human

The world of Mitchell, Nina, George and Annie is a particularly bloody one. Mitchell is a Vampire, a conflicted one at that. Nina and George are both werewolves, and Annie is a ghost, having died two years ago.

Series three of 'Being Human' has started off at a tremendous pace - funny, well scripted and exciting. Yet for all the horror, this is one of the most 'humane' TV series that you could possibly imagine. Whether in Bristol or Barry Island, the locations are very down to earth, but it is the characters that feel so believable and likeable. Their friendship and love is a wonder to behold. In the first episode Mitchell is even prepared to face his own demons to save Annie from purgatory. It is chilling and powerful stuff.

Those who are averse to the violence, the sex and the themes, may well ignore this program. But they are missing a real gem, one that dares to talk about human nature and divine intervention. This series is a great way to think about what 'being human' really means. Catch it on BBCi today!


  1. Just watched it. Feel a bit ill now. I can see what you mean about some aspects of what went on, both good and bad human nature and supernature, but uck... the caged werewolf scene...

  2. I've loved Being Human since the first series was on. It has got a bit bloodier as the story lines have moved on but I love its explorations of what 'being human' is about. One of the very few programmes on TV which tackles what it means to live in our messed up world.