Saturday 1 January 2011

New Years Resolutions

I went for a beautiful midnight stroll last night, accompanied by some wonderful friends. I found myself thinking about new years resolutions, especially as the one I made last year (to quit smoking) had been so successful!

1) Take myself less seriously, and try to take criticism as well as possible. With the book coming out this year, there is bound to be some flack. Its O.K, I'm not perfect, God still loves me with all my flaws.

2) Spend more time in nature and in my sauna. These are the two places I feel most relaxed. Its OK to indulge myself a little - it'll make me a nicer person.

3) Try to spend good quality time with my wife and kids, and check weekly to see if I'm doing so. The life of a priest can get easily overbooked, that, and the fact that I say yes too readily, can have serious impacts on family life. Just say no.

4) Prioritise campaigning. I get involved with quite a number of issues, but I must do less campaigning if I am to do justice to the issues I can do something about. Priority must be given to opposing cuts and attacks on the most vulnerable in society. Will only be actively involved in 3 campaigns in any given time.

5) Give time over to God. My prayer time and bible reading time always inspire my activism and my pastoral capabilities. At least once a day, every day, no excuses.

6) Spend good quality time with friends at least once a week. This does not include facebooking them!

7) Work hard to make SoulSpace and JustSpace as inclusive and democratic as they can be. The temptation to get most things done quickly myself is illusory. We are a community if we are really a church at all.

8) Allow myself the indulgence of promoting the book. I worked hard on it, I think it says things that matter to those inside and outside the church,  and it's OK to expect others to buy it!

9) Less time blogging and earlier nights!

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