Saturday 23 May 2020

Why Dominic Cummings might get away with murder

I'm pretty sure that they will defend Dominic Cummings till the bitter end, despite it being pretty clear that he broke the government guidelines over his journey to his family's home up here in the North East. 

He may have had good reason to. Getting family members to help look after his 5 year old child is a strong public defence that many will accept and some may even applaud. It's just that nobody else was able to do that. We all stayed at home and isolated ourselves - especially if we were ill. 

To travel, and to knowingly realise you may spread the virus from one end of the country to another, and even perhaps infect relatives is actually morally reprehensible. Anyone else may quickly be disposed of, sacked or simply forced to resign and move on to cause havoc elsewhere.

Not so with Cummings. He believes he can do whatever he likes, and get away with it. And he is right. He knows that if he goes, the whole gang of them will have to go; that he has built an empire that depends on him getting away with it. Without him, Johnson must go, without Johnson, the whole Tory party project, Brexit and all, would unravel.

So I think he'll stay. My only hope is that his political and personal credibility is so weakened by his selfish actions, that even he will pay a price in the end. With at least 55,000 deaths out there, many due to the incompetence of this government, maybe I don't want him to slink away in disgrace. Maybe I want him and Johnson held accountable for their failings.

Jesus warned us about folk like him. The hired hand who does not care about the flock, but flees in terror when danger lurks, regardless of the cost to others. The quicker he is out of the picture, the safer it will be for all of us.

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