Monday 25 May 2020

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I'm sorry, Dominic Cummings is not a 'victim' in all this. We were told to stay at home if we displayed symptoms. Not drive 260 miles to the North East.
He travelled to the North East knowing he probably had a deadly virus, knowing that on a 260 mile car journey he could have given that virus to his wife (who was already sick) and a vulnerable 4 year old child. He should of self isolated in his own home and sort help if it was needed.
If the family were worried about his eyesight for driving home, why did they go for a 60 mile round trip drive to Barnard Castle with his wife and a child in the back seat, putting everyone in danger? It simply beggars belief.
Mr Cummings is simply not able to say: 'Sorry, in the difficult and stressful situation I found myself in, I may have made mistakes'. If he had said; 'I was worried about my wife and child, and I just tried to do what was best for them, and I may have made mistakes', public opinion may have moved on.
However, he cannot bring himself to say sorry. I have met people like this on many occasions. They are arrogant and detached, and they often get away with whatever they want. They are entitled, and believe they can justify everything that they do.
He will not go. Cummings and Johnson have let down the nation, but they will hold onto power at whatever cost. We can only hope there will be much, much greater scrutiny of everything he and Johnson get up to from this day forward.

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