Sunday 5 June 2011

Breathing Space

I love city life, the sights and smells, the people and architecture. But city life can be tough, and we all need 'breathing space'. This has been one of the most fun aspects of the life of our 'fresh expression' of church - we have often found time to get out of the city, found time for breathing space.

Yesterday we were in the wonders of 'Henacre Woods', (bigger than an acre, and definitely no hens) and followed the woodland stream to its source, passed a lovely small set of waterfalls. It was a short walk away from the 576 bus route, and the children had a fantastic time exploring.  I held back from the group at one stage, looked up at the tree canopy, and gave thanks to God. I can't remember the last time I had done that and really meant it.

It seems to me, whether religious or not - we all desperately need to create gaps, moments in the wilderness, breathing spaces for our souls. They enable us to be thankful for the wonder of creation. These moments help make sure we don't get too lost in the unnaturalness of the built up world.

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